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Ever wonder how you could donate money to a great cause while simultaneously enjoying a great, local adult beverage?

The fifth-annual Science of Beer fundraiser will be featured at Nashville’s Adventure Science Center on December 19 and all the proceeds will directly benefit the museum. Think of this event as a Way Late Play Date on performance enhancement drugs! Philanthropy Associate Timothy M. Sears previews the event, highlights some great local microbreweries, discusses some of the beer-science activities and somehow showcases beer ice cream! What a cool treat!

As the Philanthropy Associate, what are some of your duties at the Adventure Science Center?
– “My position is associated with all levels of fundraising for the Science Center. This includes: individual and corporate giving, grant writing to foundations, exhibit and program sponsorships, fundraising events, an online presence and communication.”

Describe an average day working at the Adventure Science Center.
– “I’m not sure there is such a thing as an ‘average day’ at ASC. I could be working on a grant to fund transportation cost for underserved students to visit ASC, then get pulled into a meeting about planning a Winter Olympics-themed weekend, and finish my day by crafting an email to market our Science of Beer event!”

How many philanthropy events are held at the Science Center each year?
– “Each year we host four Way Late Play Dates quarterly. These are basically adult nights at ASC, where the exhibits are open at night for adults-only. Then we host four-plus larger fundraising events, including a wine tasting, Fourth of July celebration, Science of Beer and more.”

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How was Science of Beer chosen as an event?
– “Five years ago Lipman Brothers, Inc. and Yazoo Brewing approached the Science Center about hosting a unique beer festival. The Science Center loved this idea, because it allowed adults of all ages a fun twist on the typical beer event, and attracts a demographic of attendees that may not have visited us otherwise.”

Where will the proceeds of this fundraiser be dedicated at the Science Center?
– “100 percent of proceeds directly benefit the educational programming and operations of the Science Center. It might surprise most people the cost it takes to maintain 44,000-plus square feet of exhibits and a planetarium.”

This is the fifth-annual Science of Beer event, how will it differ from last year’s event?
– “This year’s Science of Beer is going to be our biggest yet! There will be more than 70 different beers from 26 breweries. Also, we have new community sponsors adding to the experience this year. Besides tasting 70-plus beers, attendees can sit in on a Brewmaster session, learn the history of home brewing, see a mobile canning machine in action, play a round of bar trivia, make their own t-shirt, learn how to cook with beer and much more!”

Can you give us a preview of the event?
– “Our tagline is ‘Explore the Brew-niverse,’ and I’m not sure there is a better way to describe this event. Attendees receive a souvenir pint glass when they arrive, and like other beer festivals, enjoy two to three ounce tasting samples of beer. Our event differs from those in that not only do we have presentations and activities related to beer and home brewing, attendees have all of our exhibits to explore. This event is truly a dream come true for the kid at heart.”

Science of Beer Server

Will there be local Nashville breweries at this event? If so, which ones?
– “Turtle Anarchy is the featured local brewery, hosting our beer garden this year. Other local breweries whose beer will be available for tasting are: Yazoo, Mayday, Saw Works and Hap & Harry’s.”

Who are some of the guest speakers?
– “Patrick Napier from All Season’s, Jessica Younker from Craft Brewed, Carl Oelker from Toucan Mobile Canning and representatives from Turtle Anarchy and PUB-licity.”

What are some of the beer-science activities?
– “This year, our educators have created six physics—based ‘bar bets’ for attendees to challenge each other with, such as, pulling a dollar bill between two stacked beer bottles without the bottles falling over. We will also have our ‘beer goggles’ back out that simulate inebriation, and of course our home-made liquid nitrogen beer.”

Science of Beer bucket

We love beer. We love ice cream. How would you describe beer ice cream?
– “Julie Abbot, one of our educators, will first make a recipe that utilizes Turtle Anarchy’s Portly Stout. She will then flash freeze it in liquid nitrogen at the event for a super-cool treat! People will just have to purchase a ticket to the event to find out for themselves how tasty it is.”

Do you have a favorite type of beer?
– “Personally, I enjoy all types of beer. It really depends on the time of year and social situation. But, overall, I’m a hops man… nothing hits the spot like a good IPA.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
– “I’d like to give a big shout-out to our generous sponsors, who without their support this event would not be possible: Lipman Brothers, Josephine, Turtle Anarchy, All Season’s, Craft Brewed, Minuteman Press, Wannado, Toucan Mobile Canning, Hip Hues and PUB-licity.”

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