It’s fair to say after The Evil Within had such great success, this video game was going to be supremely hyped at release. Everyone appears to have the horror bug and these companies keep putting SO much into the details and who can one-up the next.

I recall when I got the first Evil Within, I hadn’t done any research and just made a purchase. Within minutes, I had already been given a heavy dose of gore and amazing detail. I knew this was going to be a franchise, immediately. I mean, coming from Bethesda, far fewer of their games are without sequels than with.

I knew that release day I would have a copy of this game and installed it as fast as I could. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if due to Steam and online sales, but there hasn’t been enough pre-orders to do midnight releases at the local Gamestops anymore. So, the minute I woke up on October, FRIDAY THE 13TH, I picked up The Evil Within 2 on my way to the bar I work at and literally brought my XBOX One to install it.

I tried to start the game and let the patrons play it, just to get a glimpse, but I could tell this would require some at-home recliner time.

After work, I got the home theater loud enough so the neighbors can hear the footsteps in the game and I was ready to go. Much like many other horror games, the software company wants to start by flaunting their graphic engine-pushing video sequences onto you. They fell nothing short of amazing and DIRECTLY into action. Being classic horror-game style, no real cues are given for commands, but it’s just reflex nowadays. If you bought this game, you know you’re gonna press B to crouch. The story is immediately heart wrenching to those that are parents or who have children in your life. I know if the game starts this deep, they will spare no expense on gore.

It repeats its positive format from Evil Within 1 and leaves the negative. The stamina bar is still an annoying but understandable feature. I’m surely not going to be able to run down a 100-yard corridor and be able to full swing a weapon. I get it. The many options that leave you wondering what would be the right choice, while crafting and bargaining with what supplies you’re able to come up with. The stealth is still a must and can be quite frustrating, but you have to remember:  Being a horror game, this isn’t about speed. This is about the thrill and rush of hunting or being hunted. Hence, its genre of Survival Horror.

The only negative I can give, minus the small amount of glitches that RARELY happen (Bethesda is usually pretty polished, in my experience), concerns the lengthy videos. I know I just said enjoy the game, but there is a line between playing a game and watching a movie.

There are so many turns and curves in this game, at times it might be hard to keep up with. With that being said, I completely give this 5 out of 5 on both gameplay and visual appeal. I strongly suggest if you’re a fan of this genre and the Resident Evil-style games with WAY better acting and storyline, don’t let this one pass you by. If you’re not familiar with this style of game, I’d suggest giving it a watch on a streaming service. This is VERY graphic and includes VERY sensitive material. These games are just like music. The shock bar gets raised every year and a new goal has to be reached. This has reached those bars on every aspect.