A funny thing happened during the third season premiere of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. While collecting scientific data, the team actually found something strange!

Dropping GPS trackers about a mile above The Triangle through an area where the team received a phantom signal last year (The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Has Become Another Oak Island Curse), their scientific instruments went haywire and moved against the win, as if they bounced off some sort of stealth device.

While it may not provide the ultimate knowledge to so many unanswered and vague questions about this 512-acre section of the Uinta Basin, it’s proof positive that the scientific method is scooping some much-needed information. The ultimate truth could be hidden above the land and after watching the next episode’s preview, it could possibly lie underground, as well.

After suffering numerous equipment failures, witnessing unidentified aerial phenomena, inspecting animal mutilations and suffering the effects of inexplicable radiation spikes, the team clearly has some unfinished business from last year. Vowing to push their new experiments farther than anything previously undertaken, the crew has invited former Gov. Herbert of Utah onto the property, who apparently has an interest in learning more about what could be out there. Herbert proposes to help the team in any way possible, bringing a unique government role into the scenario.

Is the national defense actually being threatened? Within minutes of the disclosure, the command center locates a vehicle flying high above their controlled airspace, apparently doing some 3D mapping and LIDAR reconnaissance. This does not seem to be a coincidence. Is the team being monitored by the government? Or could something else be hiding within the air traffic, being watched?

There’s ALWAYS going to be conspiracy theories dropped about a mile a minute on shows like Secret, but the difference with this one seems to be the coordinated investigation and the team’s responses to their experiments. Unearthing anomalies seems to be a regular occurrence since Robert Bigelow owned the land (Season Finale Peels Back Skinwalker Ranch‘s Secrets).

The primary objective of “Above and Beyond Explanation” is to investigate the airspace from both 6,000 feet in the air by helicopter and via newly installed thermal, night vision and day-light cameras on the ground aimed at The Triangle.

Could something — or someone — have pushed each one of the items off course mid-air with physics-defying winds? And did their experiments really disappear mid-air? Without recovering the drop packages, they have zero data and different-colored tubes with 20-foot-long ribbons don’t usually disappear so easily.

This is yet another simple experiment that didn’t end as planned on the show, but that doesn’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there’s a stealth device or vehicle (Maybe a portal?) up there, being weird. But the data from the two packages that were retrieved (out of many that were dropped) shows the helicopter flew into the mesa (underground) and back out the top of it, somehow. Very weird.

“With Skinwalker Ranch, truth is stranger than fiction and the reality of the phenomenon has become even more compelling…”

I have no explanation for it, but I’m definitely hooked to find out more! For Season 3, the crew hopes to engage and interact with an unknown intelligence, as well as work with surrounding residents to see if odd events are taking place outside the property.

The hotspot of Homestead Two will be heavily inspected and what about possible mysterious underground structures? That’s just one of many supposed supernatural stimuli that will receive the scientific method in upcoming episodes!

Most of all, I want Travis Taylor, the self-described “Redneck Rocket Scientist” to uncover the land’s lost history.

“Something malevolent is here…”