Chucky, the serial killer-possessed doll, has made its return to the airwaves. This is not the cute doll programmed with destructive intent and voiced by a Jedi. This is the OG. The Brad Dourif voiced, foul-mouthed and somewhat comical Charles Lee Ray. While I did not find the 2019 Child’s Play film bad (see my review here), it was seen as unwanted by many horror fans, including Don Mancini, writer of the original Child’s Play franchise. In fact, pretty much everyone who had something to do with the original series was not a fan of the remake.

Many felt that Cult of Chucky was a good film to base a future on. And it appears Syfy had the same idea.

Chucky: Season 1 began on October 12, 2021. The TV series is a mixture of flashbacks to Chucky’s never-before-seen past, as well as the current life of Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur). Jake finds the possessed Good Guys doll. The 14-year-old Jake has a very tumultuous life, hiding his homosexual urges from everyone, including his abusive father, Lucas (Devon Sawa). Soon after he purchases Chucky, the killer doll begins manipulating Jake.

Partially drawn to Chucky while being repulsed by his murderous ways, Jake and Chucky develop a very weird bond. Chucky begins targeting people who cause strife for Jake. This includes Jake’s cousin, Junior (Teo Briones), and Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn), Junior’s girlfriend. It seems no one is safe from the serial killer.

After watching the first four episodes of Chucky, I am 100 percent on board. I was really excited when I heard this show was in development. Bringing back Brad Dourif as Chucky just seemed to be a no-brainer. He is the heart and soul of this version of Charles Lee Ray. Even though this show is on cable TV, we still get the kills and dialogue we have come to expect from Chucky. Plus, the jokes are in full abundance. We even get some glimpses back on how Charles grew up and turned his life to evil and the occult. It is such a well-rounded show, quite possibly one of the best shows on television today.

Chucky is not without its faults. One of the biggest things that bothers me is how the ending of Cult of Chucky seemingly doesn’t exist. Spoiler alert (in case you have not seen it): The soul of Charles Lee Ray took over the body of Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif). If that is the case, is this version of Chucky just a fragment of the original killer? And if so, why does it have all the memories of Charles’ childhood? With two episodes left in the first season, I hope that Chucky wraps up this plot hole, or it will eat at me until they do.

The first season of Chucky has fleshed out the killer doll very well. As an avid fan of the series, I love getting to see more stories featuring him. The show is a definite must-see, getting five out of five stars. I have not heard of a second season yet, but Syfy would be dumb to put Chucky on the shelf. It has the mayhem we expect with a strangely warm, coming-of-age motif to it. I like it, and you will too!