Fans of Marvel Comics might find something familiar in Season 2 of AMC’s horror anthology series, The Terror.

Subtitled Infamy, the show weaves in supernatural elements to a storyline that’s based on real life. After Pearl Harbor was attacked on a date that will live in infamy (hence the title), hundreds of thousands of Japanese-American citizens were wrongly rounded up and placed into internment camps. The Terror creates a “What If” scenario — similar to those found in Marvel’s standalone one-shot comics — that involves a malevolent spirit haunting a family, following it around, bringing pain and misfortune along the way. It’s not just a traditional Japanese ghost story, but it’s also a “What If” scenario that possibly could have happened. Maybe.

There’s not a whole lot of jump scares in the TV show, but the actual unfolding evil in The Terror: Infamy is more of a haunting “What If” story of America’s past. What If the unknown evil isn’t just a terrorized family or the Americans with a wrongly created law? Could this yurei be the least of a spooked family’s problems? What if there’s even more terrorizing revelations for the show? And what can these characters actually do to combat this supernatural force?

The second season of the series has been good so far, but the ongoing storyline really improved with the release of “Taizo,” which FINALLY told the sad backstory of Yuko (exceptionally played by Kiki Sukezane), who’s the best and most complex character so far. Rising as an undead spirit that can take control of a human host, Yuko was later revealed to be Chester’s actual mother, who gave away her child at a young age before deciding to end her own life. Ever since, she has yearned for a way to reunite with her child, often punishing others until she reaches her final destination.