An Uneasy Negotiation in My Zombies Blog
In this episode of The Walking Dead, titled Arrow on the Doorpost, Daryl still has his loud (Walker attracting) motorcycle. So, he’s a bad boy. If the bad boy wants to survive the zombie apocalypse, he should probably own a Prius to live a little longer.

I’m not sure where the cold open takes place, but fortifying an abandoned silo seems like a smart idea… yet they ran right on by them. Andrea has set up an uneasy “negotiation” between Rick and The Governor. Why does this whole situation feel like a setup?

Meanwhile, back at The Prison, Rick’s Gang prepares for an all-out war, with Glenn barking orders. I still don’t like this vengeful Glenn. He’s reckless, and that will lead to his downfall.

Rick and The Governor pretend to make nice, while Daryl befriends Martinez and Milton picks Hershel’s brain. How convenient, although Andrea is feeling a tad lonely, considering leaving Woodbury for good.

According to The Governor, everyone can live happily ever after if only Rick gives up Michonne. I thought he decided last episode she was a full-fledged member of Rick’s Gang. And speaking of last episode, what happened to that hitchhiker they picked up? Guess he didn’t make it back to The Prison… or, he could be stowed away with Carol, somewhere, along with Lil Ass Kicker.

Glenn and Maggie make up and make out. Rick has some soul searching to do. Andrea is still lost in emotion. And Milton’s still a tool.

Strength: The battle Generals from both sides finally meet.
Weakness: A little slow. A little predictable. Where’s Carol been?
WTF Moment: Daryl smokes? He must be a bad boy!

Notable Quotes:
– “You want surrender? Come get it.”
– “Either way, I don’t pretend to be a Governor.”
– “We learn by trial and error.”
– “I’m not showing you my leg. At least buy me a drink first.”
– “Nut up, already, boy.”
– “I want Michonne.”
– “We’re going to war.”

Review: 2.5/5