Rick’s Gang Returns! Except this time, the two remaining prisoners break their fragile alliance, hoping to join up with them… but the deal is non-negotiable. Rick and the gang returns them to their old cellblock. Elsewhere, Michonne and Andrea plot to leave The Governor.

A herd of Walkers somehow breaks into the prison, and T-Dog meets his demise. This upsets me for multiple reasons. T-Dog has had nothing to say or do for the last eight episodes, and all of a sudden, he speaks more than two words this episode, then gets bitten! Should he die, there will be no reunion with Merle, and this REALLY disappoints me!

The Governor disallows Merle to track his brother. Lori gets separated, then goes into labor. T-Dog sacrifices himself for Carol to escape (but does she?), and two of the prisoners return to save the day (while sacrificing Andrew). Maggie performs an emergency C-Section, delivering the baby, but sacrificing Lori. As much as I hated Lori (and trust me, I DESPISED her!), even I shed a tear when Maggie appeared.

Summing things up:
Rick’s Gang – 2
Prisoners – 1
Rick’s New Gang +2 (and a baby)

Episode Strength: Strength in subtraction (of Lori).
Episode Weakness: T-Dog’s departure. And now there’s an infant? AK.
WTF Moment: Carl gave Mommy Dearest a headshot to soothe her nerves.

Notable Quotes:
– “Believe me, we’ve paid our due.”
– “Oh, man. Can’t we have just one good day?”
– “You called me a whore… and a rugmuncher. Got a way with words, huh?”
– “Promise me, you’ll always do what’s right.”
– “No more kid’s stuff. People are gonna die. There’s no way you can ever be ready for it.”

Review: 3/5