Walking Dead Battle Line in My Zombies BlogAfter the improbable break-in at The Prison, what else can go wrong? How about everything?

Merle’s joined Rick’s Gang at The Prison, although he begins the episode as we last saw him in Rick’s Gang (all the way back in Season One): Restrained.
After all sorts of destruction and pain caused last episode, the most powerful blow immediately comes from Carl — his own son — when he tells Rick it’s time for a new leader. Straightforward, quick and to the point. That’s some powerful writing, and it’s all within the Cold Open!

Meanwhile, at Woodbury, The Governor creates a militia, and includes all abled-bodied people 13 and up. Sounds like a disaster in the making.
Carol remembers T-Dog. Maybe yearns for him. Where did that come from?

Milton betrays Andrea’s trust. The Governor gains a eye patch. Andrea has a new guardian angel. Michonne exercises and Tyrese (and his company) returns. Finally!

Back at The Prison, Andrea wants to talk, but Rick’s Gang is all business. Michonne stands up to Andrea and shows her true Bad-Ass self. It’s about time.

On one hand, I’m very happy Tyrese is back and involved in the storyline… but I don’t want him to be brainwashed by the madness at Woodbury.

Emily Kinney (I keep forgetting her name, it’s Beth) keeps fighting for screentime. She’s a pretty, and a pretty good singer, but I could do without it.

This was a somewhat excellent family reunion episode. Wish it could’ve lasted longer.

Strength: All the Survivors are one dysfunctional family.
Weakness: No more singing during the zombie apocalypse, please.
WTF Moment: Carol is all of a sudden a brilliant battlefiend technician?

Notable Quotes:
– “You should stop. Being the leader.”
– “I’m sick of this. Sick of the lies.”
– “Woodbury had a damned-fine library. One of the only things I miss about it.”
– “We’re gonna kill him. I don’t know how, or when, but we will.”
– “Next time you see Philip, you tell him I’m gonna take his other eye.”
– “He wants a war. He’s got one.”
– “I did not realize the Messiah Complex was contagious.”
– “Whatever we gotta do, to earn our keep.”

Review: 4/5