TWD: Isolation

Isolation could be making Rick’s Gang come undone.

In the latest episode of Season Four of The Walking Dead, Glenn’s not a golddigger, but a gravedigger.

Karen’s gone (Tyrese is torn). Cue the sappy music. After Tyrese sucker-punched Rick, the shit began to fly. I guess Tyrese is no longer the gentle giant who’s the consensus conscience of the group.

A nice close-up of a picture showcases the episode’s theme: “Smooth Seas Do Not Make Good Sailors.”

Fourteen people have been killed off in three episodes, either this is an outbreak… or its’ a bloodbath. Friends are fighting each other.

It’s clear this season Sasha and Tyrese are both getting incorporated into the storylines: This season, they’re always apart. Sasha’s coming down with something. Surely, she won’t be killed off just yet? She hasn’t had a single, strong storyline and he’s become a one-eyed private-eye. This could very well lead into some undead hijinks.

Cell Block-D is entirely infected. And now Glenn has it. I predicted his death long ago (it’s been at least a year, now).

Hershel isn’t too convincing in the reassurance department. He may need to hit the books and try again. But then later, his little tea-time lecture felt right at home. I really like him taking charge!

The fake-sounding school, West Peachtree Tech, gets a shout-out! Represent, all y’all fake vets!

Carl’s been segregated into the kid’s wing of The Prison. Can’t wait for that campout sing-along!

Suddenly, the roadtrip has taken on Dead Rising proportions! Time for a Zombie Genocider!!! Tyrese has a death wish. And as a result, he’s having a little too much fun destroying the undead.

Crime Scene Investigator Rick Grimes has quickly discovered the killer and the episode ends with a cliffhanger (and a creepy, foreboding radio message).

Strength: The storyline is slowly unfolding.
Weakness: The storyline is slowly unfolding.
WTF Moment: Carol’s just as stubborn as the rest. If everyone gets to do whatever they want, why even have a council?

Notable Quotes:
– “It’s spread.”
– “Everything could be OK.”
– “There is no stopping it.”
– “We don’t get to get upset.”
– “I’ll worry about what’s right.”
– “Can’t be like that all the time.”
– “I wouldn’t plan on much typing, the next few days.”

Review: 4/5