If you are interested in seeing my review on the gameplay and game mechanics of this game please go back and read my review of Episode 1. This is the exact same game as the first episode, and would be expected to be as such. Therefore, this review will hang mostly on the storyline. So, spoiler warning all over this piece!

This episode starts with a flashback of Javier trying to justify his freeloading by offering to wash the dishes. With a couple slight flirty moments between his brother’s wife, we learn how much more of a family disappointment Javier is. Now, that being said, David isn’t really the pillar of civility, either. Going back to “present day,” we find our troops en route to Richmond, where they hope to find medical assistance for Kate. Forced to stop at a tunnel blocked with cars, we are given our first chance to stretch our legs and look around for a solution to this obvious trap. After dealing with the unforgiving camera angels, we find all the things we need to move the single car that’s really blocking the path. However, the noise from clearing the way attracted a horde of walkers. The doc and Kate make it through, but the rest are forced onto the rooftop of the gas station. Fans of the show will rejoice at this part of the game, as our favorite Hilltop savior, Paul “but my friends call me Jesus” Monroe has been watching the scene from above. As one does…

After some intense back and forth, Jesus tells us how to get to Richmond and, oh yeah, it’s now ran by the New Frontier. Wait, what! The doc and Kate are driving right into the belly of the beast! Oh, noooo! This situation is definitely affecting Clementine. It just so happens that we are served up to another Clementine flashback that explains why. In a moment of desperation, Clementine finds safety inside a trailer. Shortly after breaking into the trailer, we are greeted by this bald chick, who just makes herself welcome in our trailer. Geesh… Ava, the bald chick, eventually introduces herself as a member of a new group called the, wait for it, New Frontier!

Back to our group in a train tunnel, making their way to Richmond, Clem works up the courage to tell Javier that she was once a member of the New Frontier. No one really has time to process this, as we walk right into an underground walker rave. After Jesus busts out some of the best moves ever, our band of misfit travelers find themselves working their way through a set of abandoned train cars. As I have actually played through this game a couple of times now, this is probably the most important choice you’ll make so far. In this pivotal moment, you will either progress with your entire team or lose two people, one for good and the other, who knows?

Once we finally get out of the tunnel, we find Kate in the car, but no sign of Eleanor. Kate is looking a bit worse for wear. Being the badasses we are, we just walk straight up to the gates. Surprise! Our friends, who destroyed Prescott, are back to greet us. Pleading our case one way or the other leads us to having “the boss” come out and see what’s going on.

Lo and behold, David, Kate’s husband, Javier’s brother, Gabe’s dad… is not only still alive, but is an organizational overlord!

Ratings (Out of 5)

Overall: 3.5
Graphics: 5
Story/Writing: 4
Voice/Acting: 5
Gameplay: 2

Now onto Episode 3…

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