Is This A Zombie?

Zombies, in general, are so popular, they’ve become a pop-culture genre in television and movies. So, it comes as no surprise when the undead appear in anime, as well.

Combining magic and cute girls, Is This a Zombie? has found the perfect formula for a successful first season.

Ayumu is your average Japanese teenager, except that he’s a Zombie and somehow he’s become a Magical Garment Girl. Other than that, he gets all the attention of the lovely ladies… except they’re usually pounding him with punches and kicks to the groin, instead of any romantic action. It’s obvious this is not your every-day Zombie tale.

When he’s not dealing with high-school drama, he’s searching for the serial killer who ended his life. Ayumu shows no signs of decay or death, acting like a regular human being, although as a Zombie, he can’t withstand direct sunlight or he’ll dry up.

Only in death has Ayumu attracted a harem of beautiful (and powerful) women. He’s been brought back to life by the mysterious Necromancer of Hades, Lady Hellscythe, whose magic is so powerful a single word spoken can kill someone. She communicates by writing, in order to withhold her power. Haruna is a magical garment girl who battles demons (aka Megalos) with her magical chainsaw… until Ayumu accidentally absorbs her powers. Seraphim, the voluptuous vampire ninja, rounds out the supporting cast, who all live with Ayumu. This has the makings of a great sitcom.

Dubbed into English, the first season of Is This a Zombie? includes 13 action-packed episodes that feature lots of sexual innuendo, big bouncing boobs, cute girls and horny guys that flips the usual Zombie stereotypes. Featuring a blend of hand-drawn art and CGI, some of the funniest moments of this anime include region-based dialogue that doesn’t translate well into English and the goofy-funny commercial breaks that are ridiculously cute.

A handful of curse words are scattered about, along with some blurred-out nudity (as well as the obligatory all-girl bathtub session). There are some fun themed episodes, including a card-matching tournament, the obligatory swimming pool episode complete with a three-way sing-off that only anime can properly pull off and a skills competition that’s won with the power of eroticism!

This Zombie doesn’t munch on brains, but cheap little rice balls and battles magical animal demons, including a crawfish, whale, jellyfish and a horse beast. By the time the season winds down, Ayumu accidentally gets married and can’t decide which woman to choose. Such undead relationship issues!

Two episodes feature commentary from a trio of voice actors and the opening and closing credits theme songs are featured for karaoke purposes (I really enjoyed the opening theme, Leave It To Me Tonight, by Iori Nomizu). I was thankful for the song’s subtitles.

You can purchase the Complete First Season here.

Apparently pink is the new dead. Who knew death could be so cute?

Strength: Funny and cute depiction of the undead.
Weakness: There’s not a lot of continuity, but it’s an anime.
WTF Moment: A magical bowl of ramen soup can easily defeat evil Megalos! What?

Notable Quotes:
– “Ninjas know everything.”
– “I’m in the mood for a bro job.”
– “If I die I’m going to haunt you!”
– “Never underestimate a Zombie.”
– “Have some respect for the undead.”
– “That looks like a box of burnt sperm.”
– “You’re nothing but a big, old perv bag.”
– “Nobody’s playing with that kitty, but me!”
– “What was that? Some kind of cosplayer?”
– “Just shut up and put it in your mouth, OK?”
– “I’m gonna love having that kind of magic inside me.”
– “He’s starting to hit dangerous levels of cuteness here.”
– “Don’t you realize these word-play jokes don’t translate?”
– “What do you say to getting wet or playing with some balls?”
– “Who does he think he is? The star of some cheesy harem anime?”
– “There is nothing in this world more revolting than a Zombie transvestite.”

Review: 4/5