WARNING: The author makes no guarantees about the quality of this introduction.

I hate introductions, especially the personal kind where you have to talk about yourself. I either come across as the most boring, banal person who ever sort of existed or I’m the biggest raging narcissist in the history of online douchebaggery. Either way, I never can find that happy medium in an introduction to be used online. I mean, look at this crap:

Dan Lee is a horror fiction fiend and freelance writer living in the outer edge of a large, southern metropolis. His stories and articles have been featured in several ‘zines and online publications including Psycho Drive-In and 52 Weeks of Horror and his fiction continues to be developed through his blog at Danno of the Dead and on Twitter and Instagram as @dotdblog.

Here’s Johnny! I mean, Danno.

People write obituaries with more zest and life than this. You don’t really know anything about me from that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an online profile. You don’t care that I’m a Sagittarius, I enjoy long walks on the beach and summoning elder gods from the hollow depths of an unimaginable hell. You don’t get my dry sense of humor or the perpetual irreverence and sarcasm that allows me to function on a daily basis. Still, I guess I need to tell you some of the details of my career and the things I’m continually getting myself into.

I’m a huge horror nerd, particularly a fan of horror-comedies and B-grade monster movies. If it’s something schlocky and terrible with practical effects and questionable acting, I’m probably a fan, like Zombeavers or WolfCop or anything that could’ve appeared on MST3K, for example. My favorites were the old monster flicks with closeups of ants, wasps, grasshoppers and even rabbits superimposed over shots of the cast, responding in horror to the “giant” animonsters.

The lepus are listening.

I’m also a sucker for demonic possession and Zombies, which is why I got involved with the Nashville Zombie Walk in 2007 as a participant. Last year, when the walk went into its second year of inexplicable hiatus, I opened my mouth with the same sort of short-sighted sarcasm that I’m known for and ended up landing the position of Organizer. But, that’s what you do when you’re full of passion and drive and a complete lack of forethought and planning. Honestly, getting myself in over my head is sort of a superpower.

The Return of the Living Dead courtesy of Lucas.

So, what am I going to bring to Zombies In My Blog, you’re wondering? Well, for starters, all the latest updates on the resurrection of the Nashville Zombie Walk. The idea I’ve been working with is a Return of the Living Dead theme, since we are bringing the dead back to Music City. Punk rock corpses munching brains and bringing chaos. I’ll also be bringing my own sarcastic sense of humor into my reviews of horror movies and anything horror related that I can get myself into.

In the meantime, you have my word that my next post will be better. Much better.