Bambi Buttons

Per Matt
She’s Lum Invader! She’s Pinkie Pie! She’s a Geek Goddess!

At Megacon, Bambi Buttons sat down for an interview, discussing her introduction to cosplay, crafting costume concerns and working for Geek Goddess.

Tell me a little about working for Geek Goddess.
– “Working for Geek Goddess has opened a lot of doors for me, personally, expressing myself. I have just learned how to have 10 times more fun, with 10 times more geekiness and 10 times more awesomeness, because we are such a tight-knit family of girls. We always have fun, no matter what. Online or in person, we are always cutting up, having fun, goofing off, discussing a wide range of geekery: from art to anime to video games. It’s a blast.”

You’re relatively new to Geek Goddess. How were you introduced to the company?
– “I met Miss Jessica Nova at the gym, actually. We hung out a few times and she sat me down. We had a very serious discussion. She said, ‘OK, baby, you’re telling me that you like geeky stuff — you like comic books, you like video games — and you used to be in theater, but you don’t cosplay? What is wrong with you?’ She got me into modeling. I started off doing fetish work and then I finally mustered up the courage to do a nude photo shoot. Then all hell broke loose. I was very comfortable, actually, once I got my clothes off. It was insane.”

Darth Bambi

What are some of the costumes you’re wearing for Megacon?
– “I’m telling people I’m wearing an alternate-universe Batgirl costume, but actually it’s just a cute outfit that’s Batgirl inspired. Yesterday I was Lum Invader and then the day before that I was Pinkie Pie, from My Little Pony.”

How many costumes have you created?
– “I’ve made quite a few costumes for Halloween, but since this is my first con cosplaying, I’ve only created one replicated costume, so far. I’m currently working on a Pinkie Pie corset and I’m learning some corsetry, which is really difficult but it’s tons of fun. I love crafting.”

How many photo shoots have you done so far?
– “I’ve done quite a few photo shoots, as far as being a model goes. But for Geek Goddess, I have only done one set so far.”

Jingle All The Way

What kind of advice would you give to beginner cosplayers?
– “Don’t worry about making nice costumes your first time out. The goal is to look cute and to have fun. Don’t stress out about it. I’m a nitpicky person about my regular clothes, let alone the clothes that I’m going to be wearing as a costume. I stressed out the week before Megacon. I was freaking out. Jessica sat me down and said, ‘The goal is not to have very elaborate, wonderful costumes your first time out.’ I sewed everything by hand, made everything very easy on myself. I actually had a fourth costume I was bringing, then I decided to scrap it. If something becomes too stressful, don’t worry about it. Cosplay is supposed to be fun, not stressful.”

Are you a gamer?
– “Yes. I like first-person shooters. I like to make things blow up. I like to shoot things. I like to collect guns. I like to run around a wide game map. I don’t like to be targeted. I love Zelda and anything that involves dungeons. I used to play World of Warcraft — go Alliance. Right now, I’m playing League of Legends, but quite frankly, I don’t really enjoy it that much. I’m playing it because Nova’s playing it and we’ll play it together. That makes it fun, but as far as gameplay, it’s not my thing. As far as console games, I’m playing Lollipop Chainsaw and it is just a button-pushing game. Some of it is quite difficult. For me, it’s not even the actual game, itself, that’s difficult. It’s the side games that you have to do to get to the next part of the game. That is difficult for me.”

What are you currently geeking out to?
– “I have become obsessed with My Little Pony. It is ridiculous. It’s almost like I become a 5-year-old when someone mentions it. Actually, my friend who turned me on to My Little Pony is a dude who is about 5’10” and 245 lbs. of muscle. He grabbed me and said, ‘You have to watch My Little Pony.’ So, I watched My Little Pony and I just became cracked out on it. Other than My Little Pony, I have recently become a Game of Thrones fan. I love it. I devoured the first season and I’m going into the second season, now. I can’t wait to watch more of it.”

Where will you be headed next?
– “I am 80 percent sure I’ll be going to Florida Supercon over the Fourth of July weekend. I’m going to do a punk Chibi Moon and possibly Squirtle, which I’m really excited about. I might have my Pinkie Pie corset done by then. I’m not really sure. And then Dragon Con, obviously, because I live in Georgia. Why not go to the biggest con in Atlanta that’s amazing? I’ll be revealing my latex Catwoman there. Then I’ll be going to Fetish Con in Tampa.”


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