In case you want to end your year right and perhaps binge the best horror films of 2017, I have you covered. 2017 was a really good year for horror. Hell, it was a great year if you were a Stephen King fan. Not only that, but rumor has it that Get Out might even be a contender for best picture, a feat any horror fan has to celebrate. While my Top 5 list may not be the same as winning an Oscar, it will definitely help generate interest for fans to finish up their must-see horror lists for the year.

5. My Friend Dahmer

Sure, it’s a film that is a little bit like slowing down to watch a car crash, but that is the appeal. How can a horror fan not be drawn to the story of a young Jeffery Dahmer and his friends in school? The film is superbly acted and directed, and yes… the sets and cinematography draw you in… but let’s be honest, you are watching the film due to your morbid curiosity with a serial killer. My Friend Dahmer makes my list because it’s a different kind of film — something I’ve never seen before. It’s an origin story about a real-life monster. Now, that’s fresh.

4. It

Oh! The nostalgia! ’80s babies the world over collectively lost their minds when news of this film came out. While no one can top Tim Curry’s classic performance, this film was hands down a better film than the first. While I put It at No. 4 on my list, I have no doubt that this film will become an instant classic, watched on Halloween nights for years to come.

3. Get Out

Part Twilight Zone and part old-school exploitation film, Get Out is a well-made film full of social commentary. It’s the kind of horror film that you can both enjoy watching on your own or with fiends, so you can later discuss the psychology of the film over a few beers. Other horror films tried to be that social commentary film of 2017, but Get Out was by far the only one that was able to successfully make an impact. Horror fans all wait with bated breath for the next film Director Jordan Peele releases.

2. Annabelle: Creation

You might wonder why I decided to put Annabelle: Creation here… on this list. The answer is easy: This is the only “demonic doll” film I have ever seen that wasn’t laughable. This film grabs this subgenre of horror and runs with it. If you have ever seen a demonic doll film, then you know what I’m talking about. Not only that, but the creepy house the film is shot in is a delight to watch on screen. There is nothing that gets me more excited to watch a horror film than overt time and care put into setting and lighting. Annabelle: Creation is a joy to look at on screen.

1. Split

I have long been a fan of M. Night Shyamalan. He has always been one of my favorite directors. What can I say? Split, however, is a return to early Shyamalan, the kind of film fans have been hoping they would see again from the master of surprises. Split reminds you of what a technical master he can be. The film is right out of the Hitchcockian playbook. Split isn’t just a good horror film, it’s just a good film. There is no movie I’d recommend more to people asking me for a film recommendation of 2017. Split is easily my favorite film of the year, horror or otherwise.

So, that’s my roundup for 2017. Quite frankly, any of these films could have been ranked No. 1. Horror had a great 2017. Feel free to let us know what you thought was the best horror film of 2017 on our Facebook page!