The Wolf Among Us Ep. 3

Sheriff Bigby is totally consumed with his work and he seems to be in deep, way over his head.

Investigating a murder mystery in The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile, Bigby sacrifices everything (including friendship and his health) in order to reveal the identity of the true culprit.

Helping him through his rocky journey is Snow White, who has temporarily taken over the investigation. All signs point toward Ichabod Crane as the murderer, but as any film noir fan can safely proclaim, there will be many red herrings discovered along the way.

Following the events of the previous episodes, Bigby seeks answers. As soon as he takes one step forward, he immediately takes two steps back. Too bad a mystery person destroyed the Magic Mirror — there are no easy solutions in this fairy tale. Bigby must hit the ground running with his investigation; everyone’s a suspect.

Complicating matters are the thuggish Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, who seem to be working with Bloody Mary and The Crooked Man. Other newly introduced characters include The Butcher, Flycatcher and Auntie Greenleaf. Some are villainous; others are a bit more complex.

The colors are great, the storyline is intriguing and the music is incredibly intense. None of the characters fully disclose their alibis, so you can never tell the characters’ true allegiance. This keeps the storyline moving and keeps the player continuously guessing.

All the achievements are story-based and unmissable except for Journeyman Librarian achievement, which is possible to attain by making decisions in the proper order and rewinding only one chapter. Otherwise, you may be replaying the entire episode, searching for five Book of Fables.

Bigby’s health continues to deteriorate while protecting the well-being of Fabletown, concluding the episode with a maddening button mash, in order to stay alive.

Wrapping things up are a few great final words: “Don’t think this is over.”

Strength: Incredible atmosphere and a great storyline.
Weakness: Some red herrings are easy to figure out.
WTF Moment: Ichabod Crane’s book, Guide to Lovemaking, made me cringe!

Notable Quotes:
– “Eat more chicken.”
– “I’m too out of it to get into it.”
– “Why half-ass just being a sleazeball?”
– “A little Robin Hooding never hurt anyone.”
– “You do what you want, you always do what you want…”
– “There’s powers at work here beyond your pathetic authority.”
– “The stitches won’t hold up… if you continue to do the things you do.”

Review: 5/5