So, it’s come to this: The year of 2012. The year of the Zombie!

Each year, Zombies seem to lurk into Pop Culture more and more, and 2012 sees the popularity of Zombies at an all-time high. The Walking Dead continues Season Two with record ratings on the small screen and Brad Pitt will soon be seen on the big screen in World War Z, premiering later this year. Robert Kirkman continues The Walking Dead via comic books (er, graphic novel) medium; while the Marvel Zombies production line invades Charles Dickens’ territory (Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol).

Zombies also invaded video games, with Dead Island, Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone, Zombie Driver and All Zombies Must Die! recently released, with promises of many more coming to a gaming console near you.

The flurry of recent Zombie and monster-related novels has led me to staying up late at night, trying to figure out which of the many books in my backlog shall I read first? There are many.

Feel like running? Better watch your back!!! Zombies have invaded 5K road races and obstacle courses. Two of which, The Zombie 5K Buffet and Run For Your Lives! took place in Baltimore and Nashville last year. Expect the undead to spawn to more races near you in 2012.

And to top it all, this is the final year of the Mayan Calendar. Did they know something we don’t? Will the Earth meet its doom, come December 21st? How’s about a Zombie Apocalypse? Only time will tell. I doubt life as we know it shall end, but there may be an awakening, or new realization to arise among all the people of Mother Earth.

If this is the prophecized End Times? I better catch up in all my reading and writing! So much to do, so little time!