There was Silk Spectre from Watchmen. She was talking to convention-goers at MegaCon 2018 and standing in front of a big sign which read: Evilyn13.

One of the nicest cosplayers I’ve ever had the pleasure to talk to — it must be because she’s Canadian — I was, none-the-less, very nervous. Don’t let the video fool you, I’ve never interviewed a cosplayer on camera before. Behind the camera, this time, was my friend Matt (not to be confused with my editor).

Matt and I were wandering around on Friday, our first day at MegaCon that weekend, when we happened upon Evilyn13. “My middle name really is Evilyn,” she told me later. It’s always easier to talk with professional cosplayers who are engaging their audience in front of their table. It’s way more intimidating to try and speak with those behind their tables.

Matt got the ball rolling and asked where she was from. Being from Vancouver, Canada, she wasn’t ready for the Florida humidity, even though she’s been here before — don’t worry, no one from up north ever is — but she was ready to go to Disney again. I’m sure many guests down here for the convention would make an excursion over to Disney World on this Memorial Day Weekend. It makes for a good working vacation.

“I work in an office. This doesn’t pay the bills.”

A model for over a decade, Evilyn13 only got into cosplaying within the last few years. Because of her experience modeling, she let me know that it was easy for her to get the outfits she needed to cosplay, thanks to her friends in the industry.

Matt asked Evilyn13 if she ever cosplayed with any props, as many comic book characters have iconic weapons or accessories. No, because she had to enter the United States from Canada, it’s usually too much of an inconvenience to try and declare something out of a comic book anymore complicated than an outfit. However, because she planned on cosplaying as The Wasp from Marvel Comics, she brought some wings with her this time. She recounted a story with a customs official who asked her about them, to which Evilyn13 said she’d be dressing up as “a fairy” and shrugged innocently while smiling. Well, I guess that’s easier than trying to explain that you’re going to dress up as a character from the next big comic book movie: Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Besides The Wasp, Evilyn13 had prints of many other comic book characters on her signing table, including: Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Vampirella, Catwoman and The Baroness. Seeing a picture of her as Lydia from the Beetlejuice animated series, I asked if she’d seen the set-up some fans had created of the marriage scene from the end of the 1988 classic. She said she had, and we gushed over how great it looked. I’m always delighted to encounter another Tim Burton fan (speaking which, he really needs to make Beetlejuice 2 already!).

This brought us to Pee-wee Herman. Evilyn13 let us know that she had booked a time on Sunday to meet and get her picture taken with actor Paul Reubens, who was there signing autographs. We had just come from looking at which celebrities were there at MegaCon and Matt mentioned that he saw one fan in line with a replica of the green armchair from Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Evilyn13 lamented and said she wished they had a full-sized prop of Chairy there so fans could get their picture taken with Paul Reubens on it. She seemed very nervous and excited to meet him. Since she also mentioned dressing as a pinup version of Pee-wee Herman on Sunday, I wanted to talk to her again after her photo op and see how it went…

I’m glad I did because, if nothing else, I was finally about to capture her doing the Pee-wee Herman laugh, which was very impressive.

But seriously, I think you can see just how enthusiastic Evilyn13 was about meeting Paul Reubens. Cosplayers are just like the rest of us fans, excited to meet the actors of our favorite movies and TV shows.

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