It’s hot, you didn’t want to wear your pants anyway… right, so why not watch something that will scare your pants right off you? Here is my list of the top horror films coming out soon that should be on any horror fan’s must-see list. I’ve done my best to make this the most comprehensive horror movie list for this summer, so none of you will miss one scream.

ALIEN: COVENANT — May 19, 2017

This film has already opened overseas and made $42 million, so I’m sure it will do OK here in the states. It is a sequel to Prometheus and not a straight Alien film following the old storyline with Sigourney Weaver. Personally, I have never been a fan of the franchise, with the exception of the first film. I won’t be going to see this one. I will say, however, that Danny McBride being in the film almost motivates me to see it.  Alien, the comedy series — I’d totally watch that. I give this film one must-see star.

LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR June 6, 2017 Available on streaming formats

Staring Marilyn Manson as a terrifying hitman, I am surprised this film did not get a wide theater release. Let Me Make You a Martyr is a revenge film about two adopted siblings who fall in love, and hatch a plan to kill their abusive father. The father, however, decides to hire a hitman to fire back at his adopted children. I’m pretty interested in this one. I am not sure if it’s a 100 percent horror film technically or not, but either way, I am pretty sure it’s unsettling. I give this film a string four stars on the watch-o-meter.

THE MUMMY — June 9, 2017

While I’m not the biggest Tom Cruise fan, I am a big Universal monster fan, so I am a bit torn on this one. Dracula Untold was the first film Universal made as a monster reboot and, apparently, I was one of the only people who enjoyed it. Adding lots of action to this one and a heavy-hitting bankable star with Tom Cruise, Universal is betting people will pack the theaters for this one. I really love that The Mummy is a female this time around. She is a princess who is apparently pretty pissed about spending a millennia under the ground in a tomb. I give The Mummy four must-see stars — it would be five if they had cast basically anyone other than Cruise as the lead actor.

WORLD WAR Z 2  June 9, 2017 

I am actually a tad confused if this is the release date or if the film is still going to be released in June. I am reading gossip that it is back on for release and that it isn’t so. The best I can do is say it is supposed to be released on June 9th. I am also unable to find a synopsis other than, it’s a totally different direction from the first film. Although I am a fan of the book, I absolutely hated the movie. I give this film one star on the must-see meter and can promise you I will not be watching it this summer unless I somehow get forced into it. For a film coming out in about a month, there isn’t much online hype, though. I can’t even find a trailer.

IT COMES AT NIGHT — June 9, 2017

I’m not sure I understand quite what this film is about. Apparently, there has been some kind of apocalyptic event. A family is safe out in the woods and takes on a small group of strangers. Something outside is coming closer and closer, while paranoia inside the home is growing. This one looks interesting, but is certainly just something to watch on a Friday night at home. I give this film two and a half must-see stars.

THE BAD BATCH June 23, 2017 

With an all-star cast that includes Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves, Jason Momoa and Giovanni Ribisi, The Bad Batch is a dystopian love story in a Texas wasteland, set in a community of cannibals. Well, that is the description I got off of IMBD and about all I can find on the film’s plot. Still, the movie looks intriguing and I’ll certainly have to watch this one. I give it four stars on the must-see meter.


This is the Amityville series’ 18th installment. No kidding. Originally planned as a found-footage film, that idea was scrapped (thank goodness) in favor of  the story of a down-on-their-luck family moving into the infamous home in order to save money for medical expenses. I don’t know about this one. Personally, I’m not very excited to see it. I’d almost rather see an origin film on this one, showing perhaps why the films have so many terrible things happening in it. I give this one only one star on the must-see scale.

WISH UPON July 14, 2017

This one is kinda like if Aladdin was a horror movie, instead of a Disney film. A father gives his 17-year-old daughter an old music box that promises to grant its owner seven wishes. When her wishes actually are granted, she becomes seduced by the music box’s dark powers. Everything seems perfect until she realizes that every wish she makes causes the people who are closest to her to die in violent and elaborate ways. Sure, it’s a teen summer horror film, but the trailer actually looks pretty interesting. I have to admit, I will probably end up watching this one. I give Wish Upon three must-see stars. 

THE DARK TOWER — August 4, 2017

The Man In Black is coming. I guess Stephen King is going to have a really busy summer. It, his TV show The Mist and The Dark Tower will all be released this summer. Actually, I guess it will be me having the busy summer trying to watch all of the awesome horror coming out. If you aren’t familiar with The Dark Tower series, it might be a tad hard for me to explain it to you in a short paragraph. Stephen King calls the science fiction, Western, horror fantasy series his opus. In it, baddies from all the other novels find a connection. Production for this film has been going on since 2007, so you can believe that die-hard Tower fans are beyond excited to finally get a release date. On a personal note, I have been following villain Flagg since his run-in with Dennis and Thomas from Delain. You fans out there know what I am talking about. So, if there is one horror film I absolutely must see, The Dark Tower is it. It had better live up to my vast expectations. If I could give this one more than five stars on the must-see-o-meter… I would.

ANNABELLE: CREATION — August 11, 2017

Panned by critics, Annabelle made a whopping $256.9 million worldwide and $84 million in the US. The original budget was just a mere $4.5 million, so obviously we are getting a sequel. This film tells the story of the original dollmaker who lost his daughter tragically and then creates this doll to house her soul. He and his wife decide to open their home up to some nuns and orphans. I’m not quite sure why, but I guess that doesn’t matter. I’m guessing some of those nuns and orphans are not going to have a good time at their new abode with that doll running around. I am giving this film a three on the must-see scale. I wasn’t that impressed with the first Annabelle film. It seemed a bit slow for my taste, but sometimes a bigger budget works wonders for a film like this. It’s pretty important to note that the guy who directed Ouija 2 directed this movie also, so it may turn out better than a movie about a stupid, possessed doll has any right to be. I’ll be making my final judgement in August!

FLATLINERS August 17, 2017

This is one of the big summer horror film releases, for me. I was a huge fan of the film as a kid. There isn’t much out there about what the movie is about. It is important to note this film is not a remake, but a sequel. Kiefer Southerland will be reprising his role. The thing that made the first film so engaging was the actors and I’m glad Kiefer will be back, but disappointed the rest of the cast won’t. I’d love to see what long-term repercussions the doctors might still be facing. There is no trailer out for the film yet, so i have included the trailer for the first film. I suggest watching the iconic first film if you haven’t seen it yet, before heading to the theater for part two. I give a full five out of five must-see stars for Flatliners.

DEATH NOTE August 24th Netflix Streaming

I have to say I am pretty excited about this one. I may not be a fan of anime, but this storyline is pretty amazing. In it, a man comes across a notebook that grants the owner the ability to kill anyone who’s name is written in its pages. Apparently he does use the notebook to kill criminals, but then goes down a path of killing anyone he deems not worthy of living. He manages to catch the attention of detective bent on ending his reign of terror. I give this one five must-see stars. I’m pretty anxiously awaiting this one.

It — September 8, 2017

The original film came out in 1990 and gave all ’80s kids trauma that has lasted into adulthood. The film aired on television and was obviously constrained by that fact. I assume the remake will be far darker than the original. Most of us heading to the theater will be about the same age as the adult kids who come back to fight the clown, so there is an interesting twist, huh? This is one of the hottest films that will come out this summer, not just for horror fans, but pretty much everyone. This one gets five must-see stars. As much as I want to see this film, I fully expect it to give me real-life nightmares and bring back a few childhood fears.

DEATH HOUSE  release date summer 2017

Starring ’80s horror icons Dee Wallace, Camille Keaton, Kane Hodder, Bill Mosley, Barbra Crampton and Tony Todd, the film is being promoted as the horror version of The Expendables. It was written by the late, great Gunnar Hansen, who I had the privilege of meeting once. I can honestly say he was very kind and always a gentleman. I look forward to watching his film this summer. The exact release date has not been given, other than summer 2017. In the film, journalists are given a once-in-a-lifetime tour of an abandoned prison known as the Death House. A power breakdown inside sends two agents fighting through a labyrinth of horrors, while being pursued by an army of terrifying inmates. As they fight to escape, the agents are pushed through the labyrinth of the facility where they learn a supernatural group of evil beings are their only chance for survival. On a scale of one to five, with five being must see, I give this one a solid four!

SUSPIRIA — Summer 2017

Suspiria is a remake of the Italian horror film made in 1977 with the same name. It is famous for its use of lighting and color. The film wrapped up in March and supposedly was to be released this summer. Fans of the film are on pins and needles for its release. The story centers around a young girl who enters a dance academy, where things are a tad macabre, to say the least. I have never been a fan of the original, so I’m in no hurry to see this one, although I expect the cinematography to be divine. I give this one a three out of five on the must-see list, I expect fans, however, will be there as soon as the film hits theaters.

Well, guys, I did my best to find the definitive list of horror films that will be released from May through September. It wasn’t easy! There are tons of awesome horror films set to come out in 2017 with no release date I could find. If I missed anything, please let us know what you’re looking forward to the most! I’ll also be making an ’80s/’90s Summer Retro Movie Calendar in a few days over on my personal blog, so definitely check that out if that is a thing you are into.