Per Matt

The undead — as well as many Zombie hunters and other creatures — were restless this year at Dragon Con! And we’ve got the proof!

As the 2016 Dragon Con Zombie Walk was beginning, we caught many of the undead participants as they lumbered out into the streets for the parade.


There were many great costumed characters on display, including cosplay from The Walking Dead, Marvel Zombies, Pokemon and many more! Check out a glimpse of the 2016 Dragon Con Zombie Walk in our YouTube video:

Year in and year out, the cosplay creations appearing at Dragon Con are some of the most creative and impressive costumes found anywhere. And they usually have a very recent pop-culture reference that make them even more enjoyable!

If you haven’t attended Dragon Con before, you definitely need to check out the multi-genre convention next year in Atlanta, GA! But don’t let the Zombies get ya!


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