Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron Ultron (voiced by James Spader) Ph: Film Frame ©Marvel 2015

Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Ultron (voiced by James Spader)
Ph: Film Frame ©Marvel 2015

Earth’s mightiest heroes unite for another earth-shattering battle that will drive the team to its outer reaches and question the stability of a team once more!

By now you have seen the movie, maybe even twice if you are lucky, like myself, who got a chance to see the pre-screening of the movie! Avengers: Age of Ultron will bring you back to the edge of your seat with action and having you down a bucket of popcorn and chug a 64 oz. Coke, and that’s all before the first half hour!

Not giving away too many details, but the movie starts out with the Avengers team battling in some snow-covered battleground, trying to retrieve Loki’s scepter and just trouncing the opposition in Avengers all-out fashion! Don’t worry, I haven’t spoiled anything for you that you already didn’t see in the trailer! As the trailer started to foreshadow, though, we begin to notice a connection between Black Widow and the mighty Hulk. This time around, we begin to see a more controlled side of Bruce Banner.

With the team having to clean up Von Strucker’s army and recapture Loki’s scepter, the movie gets you going right from the start. The team undoubtedly wins the battle, but not without first meeting the villains from the trailer: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. This begins an epic story line of plot twists and greater character development throughout the movie, as we learn the past of these two characters. Now, though, with the Von Strucker army defeated, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch begin to venture out on their own and start making some heavy-handed decisions about their future paths.

This movie takes the team for another ride, reminiscent of the first Avengers movie and makes the team question their abilities to work together, this time, not only by themselves but by outside forces as well. With the Ultron machine now being built, Tony has to decide what he wants to do with it, but since Ultron is of his own mind, things go a bit awry and begin to get out of control very quickly. Tony already has amassed his own Iron Man army, as we saw in the last Iron Man movie, and it seems he has not slowed production of these “sentinels” in the latest installment of the Avengers! Ultron sees this and begins to use Tony’s own Iron Man army against him.

As the story builds, the characters find themselves in a battle of internal struggles that was kindled by Ultron himself and they have to seek shelter for a time, as they begin to find out just how much each of them means to the team. Trying to find themselves, again, for the second time is a bit repetitive in my opinion, as the first movie did this already. As any good villain would do, though, you know that you cannot beat a team all by yourself. You must tear them apart, as to defeat them one by one. Ultron doesn’t go into the battle all alone, though. We do see a glimpse of Klaw and an upgraded version of Ultron, himself. As the team begins to mount up a defense, Ultron begins to amass his army as well and slowly begins to show the world his plan for world domination.

As the movie comes to a close in its third act, the team has yet another battle of epic proportions with Ultron and his seemingly unending army of robots. This battle is also resounding of the first Avengers movie as well, as each team member has to show their strengths and begin to build together as one large unstoppable mass of world-saving power. The battle comes with its own surprise near the end, as it was highly unexpected by myself and a few members of the audience, but still a really good addition to the overall story. As all good Marvel movies come to an end and the enemy is defeated, it is great to see the team dynamic and come-togetherness of the team, if I can make up my own words.

I felt the overall movie mirrored yet another team struggle from the first movie. It was good to see it from a different standpoint this time around and still see the team make things work. Overall, the scenes were action packed throughout and did not stop, but for only a few character-building moments and backstories which I could have dealt without, but still made the movie overall, a MUST-SEE blockbuster for the summer! If I were to see this movie again, I would watch it several times over, as I enjoyed the shared screen times of all the heroes. But there was one storyline that was inexplicably odd to me. Why they didn’t explain the disappearance of one character and randomly brought him back with barely an exposition had me scratching my head. Why the choice of randomness?

All I have to say is: Go see the movie. Even if you are not a comic-book fan, I would say this should at least get you interested in the universe that is Marvel. If you are a fan, you will see obvious things that were not part of the comic books, but hey, are you the director and are you the one making the storyline? Take friends and family, as they will not want to miss this film, either!

Avengers Unite! And stick around for the end credits, as usual!

Review: 4.7/5

– Rusty Greer is a writer for