It’s time to remember the future, the way it needs to be.

Disney brings back the awe and wonder of the future that could be, if we all take in the message of the movie, be optimistic! Tomorrowland starts out with the main character, George Clooney, telling us how he got to where he is and how he met the leading lady, Brit Robertson. We start the story with an ominous clock and a flashback of how it all began with Clooney’s character as a child, leading into the mind and capabilities of a child savant and a quick look into the future, as seen from decades long-since past.

While going back through the mind and history of the characters, we begin to see the story unfolding before our eyes and how everyone can have an inventive mind, before the world comes down on us and crushes our dreams. We begin to see how the world of tomorrow isn’t really that far out of reach. With the two characters being thrust together by an wonderfully delightful, European-sounding young girl, the two must figure out how to save the world from pure-and-utter destruction by pessimism.

We find out that the world is on a path that is seemingly unstoppable. After George Clooney shows us how the end of the world is unchangeable, he was oddly surprised and intrigued after being pushed to meet Brit. With such a change in attitude, is it possible for the end of the world to change? He must now find out! This leads us to an awesome adventure and roller coaster ride through the world of Tomorrowland and goes to show the audience a positive attitude can be the thing that can change your surroundings and the people you interact with on a daily basis.

With the overall message of the movie being a positive attitude along with optimistic views, this is a great summer family movie to go see! The rating of the movie is PG, but with some of the violence that happens, the little ones may need to stay home for this one or at least explain some of it, directly after the movie. After feeling a need to associate with the pessimistic George Clooney, I even began to see a brighter possibility of the future! Take the kids, take the family or just take a pessimistic friend and go see the possibilities of the future with Tomorrowland!

Review 4/5

– Rusty Greer is a writer for