I’m all about good ghost stories. I mean, I love them! Having grown up (and returned to live in) a house that’s almost 200 years old that includes several graves of its previous inhabitants located within jumping distance of my bedroom, I can safely say I know a thing or two about strange phenomena. There were quite a few unusual incidents that occurred during my childhood, so when I eventually received my driver’s license, I made a point to visit other unusual locations that involved the paranormal. Many were discovered by word of mouth. Terror comes in many forms and Most Terrifying With Jason Hawes is yet another Travel Channel show that explores a variety of haunted places found around the world.

Originally a co-founder of Ghost Hunters and now appearing in Ghost Nation, Jason Hawes seems to be a full-time employee of the Travel Channel, appearing in multiple shows that air ’round the clock. Terrifying is a six-episode microseries for the listicle crowd, similar to others that the network has been cranking out endlessly (and successfully) year round. Hawes claims to have more than 30 years’ experience exploring the unexplainable and in this show, he appears for hosting duties, rather than investigative.

Angry spirits of haunted mansions, sinister saloons, an underground military complex, amusement parks, bed and breakfasts, abandoned courthouses, jails, medieval castles and historic landmarks are discussed. Caretakers, janitors, security people, tour guides, executive directors, homeowners, historians and eyewitnesses give details of strange occurrences at each one. Did past Satanic rituals lead to paranormal activity? Did portals to another world open up, leading suffering spirits, full-body apparitions and shadow men to enter our world? Surely the lost lives of a horrific past railroad accident could explain multiple bizarre incidents of the Death Car?

“Note to self: Never piss off the spirit of a grieving mother…”

I remember back when quality entertainment aired on the Travel Channel that wasn’t paranormal-related — seems like so many years ago. And it was! Nowadays, these reality shows are so cheaply produced, it seems like a new one airs every other week. And to date, there’s so many, I can’t keep track of them all.

While the production quality is high (and I’ll always be a fan of programming like this) and the stories felt relatively new (at least, for me they were), at some point, it feels like they all blur together. The network has thrived on similarly themed programs for some time now, and for this viewer who has watched just about every one of them, each paranormal reality show seems to overlap with another at some point, covering the same incidents (or very similar ones) on different occasions.

While I haven’t always agreed with every one of his truth-seeking techniques (or their eventual outcomes) on his various ghost shows, it seems Hawes is better as an investigator than as a host. As the narrator, he sometimes mentions when he’s being snarky, and that’s fine for a beginner, but a little fluctuation can do wonders for a voice actor.

While it may have taken me a little longer than I originally intended to finally visit these Most Terrifying locations, it’s always a good time to check out scary new places, regardless the month.